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Solution Workspace quick tip: Creating a new workspace

Ready to get to work on your next idea? As a solution creator, you don't have time to search for answers or wait for advice. Solution Workspace provides a structure for you to follow while you develop your solution. The Build stage is the foundation, during which you focus on planning, developing, testing, and finally building your solution. The Go to Market stage will help you glean recommended practices, define the unique value of your app or solution, and plan your customer wins. Here, you can use go-to-market resources, offers, and rewards to accelerate your solution to market. The Sell stage will help expand your market presence and optimize your efforts. 


From the My Solutions page, sign in and select “Create your workspace.” You’ll be directed to provide some key information about your solution, including providing a name and description. You’ll want to include:


  • What pain points is your solution solving?
  • Who is your solution for?
  • What differentiates it in the market and what is the possible ROI?

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Personalize your workspace 

On the solution creation page, you’ll have to answer a few questions to get started. Don’t worry, you can update this information later. If you’re not sure of some details because of your role, you can invite teammates later to edit the information. This information is visible only to Microsoft and the contacts on your solution. The Solution basics section asks you to name your solution, identify what type of solution you’ll be building, and estimate when your solution will be in market. In the Description section, you can give a summary of your solution’s features, target audience, pain points that it should solve, what your solution’s differentiators in market are, and possible ROI. 


Select every box that applies, mixing and matching among products as needed. Solution Workspace will use this information to generate a checklist of resources and tools tailored to fit your solution. You’ll find everything from developer how-to's to live and recorded workshops, helpful documentation, and one-on-one help with Microsoft experts. All in a collaborative space for the whole team.


You can edit your solution information at any time, ensuring you’ll have access to all the tools you need at every stage of development. These selections will generate customized steps and tasks in your solution lifecycle content. 


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