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Solution Workspace now available for partners worldwide

Streamline your progress from an idea to a solution in market

Solution Workspace is now available to all partners worldwide, providing on-demand access to resources and support to take your solution—whether an application or service—from idea to the Microsoft commercial marketplace faster. Featuring user interface upgrades and enhanced features, Solution Workspace now allows ISV and service businesses (SI, MSP) around the world to access a personalized checklist of curated resources, Microsoft experts, and actionable steps across the solution lifecycle—from Build, to Go to Market, to Sell.


Solution Workspace is available to members of the Microsoft Partner Network who have moved to Partner Center.


By simply answering a few questions, Solution Workspace generates a custom workspace where teams can access a series of steps to follow, each with a curated set of specific tasks and actionable resources, tools, and technical specialists. Teams can mark steps complete as they move through each section, allowing everyone to easily track progress. It’s easy to get started – see a quick overview here.


Solution Workspace alleviates the search for the right resources—providing partner-tested resources in one place. It builds connections for you:

  • Across products. Partners developing solutions based on Microsoft Azure have a much different experience from those developing for Microsoft Dynamics 365. With Solution Workspace, we’ve brought the different clouds together all in one place.
  • Across people. Receive targeted support from Microsoft professionals as you build, go-to-market, and sell.
  • Across solutions. Solution Workspace is for ISVs as well as services businesses such as system integrators and managed service providers.
  • Across the lifecycle journey. Speed your time to market with customized resources and actionable task for each stage of the solution lifecycle.
  • Across the market. Once your app or service is ready for launch, you’ll have access to the commercial marketplace, as well as other partners who can help you sell.


  • Microsoft Partner Network - Solution Workspace is available to members of the Microsoft Partner Network who have moved to Partner Center. (Not a partner? Join here)
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Have questions? We are here to help. Post questions or suggestions below and the Solution Workspace team will respond. You may also provide feedback via email, FeedSolWork@microsoft.com.

Visitor 1

Hi One of our clients wants us to host its Windows 10 workstations in our datacenter by renting a couple of Racks, What licensing is needed for this? 


Disclaimer: I can only provide some high level guidance based on the information you provided, official terms and rules are documented in the product terms: Licensing Terms | Microsoft Volume Licensing

So customer should check with an licensing expert/Partner with expertise in this area and review this for their specific situation.


If the customer uses dedicated hardware it is no different than licensing this for servers running On-premises at the customer premises: They need Windows Client OS licenses that allow to be used on a remote server hardware (Windows Licenses that include Virtual desktop access rights), like Windows 10 Enterprise or VDA Enterprise + Software Assurance (per device) for each device accessing the VMs - or Win10 E3/E5, respectively VDA E3/E5 licenses, (per user) for each user accessing the VMs (only from MPSA or EA agreements, not CSP). Which license exactly depends on a few additional factor (e.g. what local devices they have).

If the customer does not use dedicated hardware, but VMs run on shared hardware: Customer would need Windows 10 E3/E5 or VDA E3/E5 per user licenses and you as hoster would need to become QMTH Partner.

Kind regards,
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