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Quick tip: Invite team members to work on your solution

Experienced solution builders know how hard it can be to keep track of the right resources and locate them when, say, a teammate asks for a link. Solution Workspace addresses that pain point on both ends. Here’s how.


Engage your team

First, Solution Workspace curates a list of personalized resources geared at your specific needs. Second, the tool is built to serve your entire solution-building team – from developers to the CEO – and presents a shared space where you’ll collaborate, keep track of progress, and never have to hunt your inbox for a link again.


Team members or other contacts added to a solution can view, build, and manage the solution at any stage of its progress. Best of all, various members of your team can focus on different steps concurrently. One team member could be concentrating on marketing your solution while your engineers continue fine-tuning the build. Each side can check off steps as they go to inform the team of their progress.


How to add contacts


To add team members, visit the Contacts tab of the specific solution where you’d like to grant access. Then, select the “+Invite” button under Invite new contacts.



A pre-populated email will pop-up on the screen with a custom link to your solution. Simply add email addresses of your team members and hit send. New contacts who access the link will receive a Solution Workspace walk-through upon initial sign-in, to get them up to speed on the experience.





Ready to get started? Visit the My Solutions landing page to enter solution details or access an existing solution.

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thanks so much for sharing Nav.  Nav is your expert on all things related to Solution Workspace.  The team has build this into an integrated onboarding vehicle, help with finding new opportunities for services and solutions, learning about the program benefits personalized for your needs and program level, and central orchestration point for your full team.  Check it out! https://aka.ms/solutionworkspace