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Point Alliance: How Solution Workspace helped refine our workflow

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner with Cloud competency, Point Alliance focuses on enterprise content management, delivering a competitive advantage by tailoring flexible solutions to meet specific customer needs. The Toronto-based company focuses on user experience and the integration of business and IT strategy.

Point Alliance CEO John Zarei recently shared how Solution Workspace has helped refine his workflow.


Tell me a little bit about how you first started using Solution Workspace.

I’m a member of the Microsoft community called IAMCP, the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners. On our weekly and monthly calls, the subject came up, and I was immediately very interested.


How has Solution Workspace helped your company?

It really streamlined the process of building a solution and finding marketing and selling resources. Because we come in as a consulting company and our solution is services, it’s slightly different than a company that has products. But Solution Workspace walks you through all the steps and stages with a checklist for your own scenario. That’s very important. It’s a tremendous help to us and removes a lot of confusion.

Having a central place to access the information and do the work was great. All the resources you need are organized in one place. We found that the way the experience is set up made it so much easier. It really shows the commitment of Microsoft to the partners.


How do you use Solution Workspace to collaborate with teammates?

I created a couple of solutions, enabled them, and assigned them to my colleague. He was able to go in and make his changes as needed. It’s convenient to have it all in one central place where everybody can go in and do their work. And because Solution Workspace is in the form of a checklist that updates in real time, we can all keep tabs on what we’ve done.


Would you recommend Solution Workspace to other businesses?

Absolutely. I’m not someone who says, “Oh, I don’t want people to know about this.” As the president of IAMCP, Canada, I want every organization to be successful and I think this tool is going to be instrumental for many of them. Almost every organization out there is a possible Microsoft client. The more successful they are, the more successful the partners and customers can be. The more partners know about Solution Workspace, the better it is for everyone.

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