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Expand your opportunities with the Cloud Solution Provider program in Solution Workspace

Digital transformation and moving to the cloud continue to be at the forefront of business planning and investments for many customers. You can help them continue their efforts to become a digital-first business while also expanding opportunities and increasing profits for your own business by becoming a partner in the Cloud Solution Provider program. 

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program has grown exponentially, with more than 90,000 participating companies. It is our primary partner sales motion for small and midsize businesses and for smaller corporate customers within the new commerce experience. Once enrolled, you can create and deliver differentiated offers to customers, manage the entire customer engagement lifecycle, and build credibility with customers over time.  

You can also sell the Microsoft cloud portfolio and third-party solutions from the Microsoft commercial marketplace alongside customers’ own value-added solutions and services. As a partner participating in the program, you can establish credibility as a trusted advisor and gain deeper customer engagement—which positions you to provide managed services that help your customers grow their businesses to the next level.  

Now you can easily find the resources you need to join the programor to grow your existing cloud practices through the program—in Solution Workspace. 





To learn more about the Cloud Solution Provider program and find resources on how to enrollgrow business, and manage your activities in the program, simply sign in to Solution Workspace. Go to your services solution, navigate to the Build checklistand select Accelerate your cloud business growth in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programNot a Solution Workspace user yet? Don’t miss out on a digital experience that curates content and tools tailored to your business needs.Learn more or enter your services solution details here to get started