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Bizagi’s COVID-19 response app shows what Solution Workspace can do for ISVs

As COVID-19’s impact on social and economic activity grew more severe, process automation leader Bizagi set out on a mission to help healthy people and organizations get back to a more normal way of life before a vaccine is found. 


To quickly get started, the company turned to Solution Workspace, which provided a step-by-step roadmap to make Bizagi’s idea a reality. Within 60 days, the company had designed and developed “CoronaPass" the powerful app allows health organizations, employers, and governments to implement policies that manage health status and reduce risk related to COVID-19. Bizagi is actively co-selling CoronaPass all over the world. 


“Through its simplified, concise, easy-to-use checklist, libraries, videos, pointers, and templates, Solution Workspace helped us meet our goal of bringing CoronaPass—a mission-critical solution for restoring social and economic activity—to market within 60 days,” says Elliot Curtis, VP of Global Alliances at Bizagi.


By using Solution Workspace to streamline the GTM cycle, Bizagi’s team was able to gain access to the right digital resources, personalized to their distinct needs, available whenever they needed them. Among those resources was an introduction to Marketplace Rewards, which helped Bizagi understand the program’s value proposition and unlock its potential.


Building in Solution Workspace provides a customized roadmap for your solution. You’ll find everything from developer how-to's to hiring help to live and recorded workshops and trainings, plus helpful presentations, documents, and technical consultations with Microsoft specialists. All this in a collaborative environment allowing your team to work together and track progress as you go.


“With the use of Solution Workspace, we were able to quickly navigate the three primary stages of the development cycle—Build, Go-to-Market, and Sell,” says Curtis.



How Solution Workspace can help ISVs


Get to market faster: As Bizagi experienced, having one “source of truth” as a guide through Microsoft tools and resources provides a quick navigation through the solution lifecycle, allowing your app a quicker path to market.  


Don’t forget, getting started in Solution Workspace takes just minutes. Answer a few key questions about your solution to create your custom workspace and get access to curated tools and resources. You can add as many solutions as you’re working on at any given time.  


Collaborate with teammates: Solution Workspace is built to serve your entire team, with tools for everyone from executives to developers to your sales squad. And enabling that collaboration is easy. Once you’ve created a solution, just click over to the “contacts” tab to add members of your solution building team. That way, everyone on your team will be able to work on the solution at once, tracking progress as they go.  


Refine your strategy: Prepare to go to market in a way that’s unique to your solution and goals. From optimizing your lead capture management to maximizing your solution’s visibility, every step you take as you move toward the marketplace will set you up for continued growth when you get there.  


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