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Amplify your marketing efforts with new curated marketing services

As we see the end of 2020 approaching, now is the perfect time to develop a strategy to strengthen your marketing efforts for your Microsoft commercial marketplace offerings in 2021 – and beyond.


A successful, multi-faceted marketing strategy will drive awareness of your business. To provide you with expert support to take your strategy to the next level, we now offer curated marketing services for purchase. With this  pilot, you have access to marketing consultations and workshops that focus on best practices and creating a strong value proposition. With demand generation campaigns such as social media, paid search, and other proven techniques, you can increase the number of high-quality visitors to your website by purchasing services. Once those visitors are there, solid sales and marketing collateral – such as an blogs, videos, and digital marketing materials – engage visitors and drives


These curated marketing services give you the specialized expertise needed to increase leads for your Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace listing. To learn more about our trusted vendors and curated services, you can check out our Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Marketing Services page.



Accessing curated marketing services through Solution Workspace


Solution Workspace users can access detailed packages and offerings for marketing services in Solution Workspace. Simply log in to your solution and look for the “Go to Market” checklist within the Go to Market stage. From there, you can review expertise and services provided by vendors with proven track records for increasing sales for solutions just like yours. Not a solution workspace user yet? Learn more or enter your solution details to get started.


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