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Grow your business with referrals from Microsoft!

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Every year, millions of customers look for Microsoft partner solutions on search engines and Microsoft.com. Shouldn't you be capturing your share of the prospects?

Grow your business with referrals from Microsoft

As one of the many steps we're taking to simplify your partnership with Microsoft, we're moving to a more unified customer referral experience. The new Partner Center referral engine provides one place to manage consolidated lead sources and makes it easier for your organization to find the right customers, and for the right customers to find you.

When you create a marketing profile, our new referrals experience enables you to:

  • Connect your solutions with thousands of qualified prospects
  • Better communicate your Microsoft solutions
  • Attract more customers
  • Integrate with your LinkedIn account

And, if you increase your involvement with Microsoft as a competency partner, you'll also receive qualified leads from us to grow your pipeline even further.

Get started by creating your marketing profile today

1.  Connect your solutions with thousands of qualified prospects

  • If you participating in Cloud Solutions Provider program, your organization already has a Partner Center account - simply log in to Partner Center and create a marketing profile that showcases your solutions and capabilities.
  • If you don't have access to Partner Center already, you could still sign in using an existing Azure AD tenant your organization has (e.g. Office 365), and which you want to use to create your marketing profile, or you could create a brand new Azure AD tenant to log in.

2.  Ensure you are a global admin or admin agent in Partner Center

  • Log in to Partner Center as a global admin or an admin agent (in Partner Center, not your existing Partner Membership Center account).
  •  If you are not sure about which Azure AD tenant to use and would like access rights, please talk to your global admin or someone in your IT team.

3.  Good to know 

  • There is another reason why you should create your Partner Center account now. Partner Center is the new partner platform that will provide a single place to manage your entire relationship with Microsoft. In the future, your organization will be invited to move to Partner Center to manage your MPN membership. 
  • Until then, you'll continue to manage your membership in the Partner Membership Center. However, by creating your marketing profile now, not only can you start taking advantage of the new referrals service right away, but you are ready for Partner Center when the time comes.

See the Build a Successful Marketing Profile guide (English only) for detailed instructions and tips on adding a great description about your company. Don't just set up your profile once, but think of it as constantly evolving with your company. Continually improve your marketing profile as your skills expand and keep it current for the best results.

While you're at it, we recommend adding your LinkedIn company page to your marketing profile and reviewing the page to ensure it's optimized with relevant messaging to potential customers.

For partner support, please go to https://aka.ms/rsc for help.

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Re: Grow your business with referrals from Microsoft!

The link to the PDF (guide) leads to a dead end. Kindly update.


Re: Grow your business with referrals from Microsoft!

Great content Evelyn!


This is a grerat opportunity for partners! I've always had great marketing support from Microsoft!



Regards, Per

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Re: Grow your business with referrals from Microsoft!

Sao ku
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Re: Grow your business with referrals from Microsoft!

Hi. A very successful day to you. Seems like there is an updated link here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-za/partner-center/referrals