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2019 SAM Partner Advisory Council (PAC)

For many years, Microsoft has hosted a Software Asset Management Partner Advisory Council (SAM PAC) where Microsoft invites a number of our top SAM Partners from around the world to hear Microsoft's strategic direction on SAM, and provide feedback and guidance for adjustments to that strategy. In addition, the SAM PAC is a great opportunity for SAM Partners to network, share ideas, and build future Partner to Partner (P2P) business relationships.

There are several changes to the Microsoft SAM PAC in 2019, and these changes are intended to align the SAM PAC with the criteria, format, and structure of Microsoft's other Advisory Councils. For example, beginning in 2019, the Microsoft SAM PAC will be limited to only 15 members. PAC members must fund their own travel and lodging costs. There may be only one member per Partner organization, and nominations are submitted by our Microsoft SAM Field and Corporate Leader. Reigning Microsoft SAM Partner of the Year award winners are automatically granted membership.

Members are limited to three-year terms in order to allow for fresh perspectives, and again, in keeping with other Microsoft Partner Advisory Councils requirements, membership within a PAC itself is subject to NDA.

SAM PAC membership is not the only way to shape the direction of Microsoft SAM. Share your best practices, Customer Success Stories, P2P relationships on microsoftpartnercommunity.com or elsewhere on social media. We are excited for a great 2019 for Microsoft SAM and our SAM Partners.

Level 5 Contributor

Re: 2019 SAM Partner Advisory Council (PAC)

Hi Rudy,

Good that the PAC is aligned with WW now, more opportunities to learn and innovate. I'd love to continue being part of the PAC and help elevate Modern SAM to the next level, innovate, digitize and increase the value for customers. I've got time available, the only thing you'd have to do is the invite ;-)

Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.




Re: 2019 SAM Partner Advisory Council (PAC)

Great move! And a great opportunity for SAM Partners to try to get nominated!

The PACs serves a great purpose! On a personal note, the networking and knowledge sharing amongst peers is extra ordinary! Piece of advise is to not just speak for your own needs, but instead try to have a wider scope! And important to understand that you will need to be vocal, candid and open minded so that Microsoft gets the best feedback! 

Well spent time and money for partners being part of the PACs! 


Regards, Per

Level 5 Contributor

Re: 2019 SAM Partner Advisory Council (PAC)

Totaly agree Per. One is not there for oneselves, but for the SAM community and helping improve and innovate. Thanks for the contribution.