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Why build a Microsoft-centered security practice? A Partners perspective

Why build a security practice? To be frank, without a security offering, you can fail in your customers’ minds.  Without some partnership, offering, or friends to call upon in your offering, you become significantly irrelevant, or worse the key account leaves and you are out of business. Think about the recent security breaches out there. It’s all about reputation.

So, with our security partners and our own security practice, we’ve become more relevant, we’ve built our reputation, we’ve built our brand and we’re getting some business. Obviously, that’s what it comes down to.

Everything is about security now, as the first mindset.

With the evolution of IT and everything moving to the cloud, security comes more into focus. Microsoft has made tremendous strides to 1) bring security into focus and 2) improve and secure their cloud, in part motivated by the competition.

Is there a significant financial opportunity? Yes. It comes down to skill and resources, right? How does Microsoft help with that? Microsoft is focusing more and more on security, making the right tools available to their partners and customers.

So, tools you wouldn’t normally see on the cloud or with Microsoft, you are now starting to see made available. Some of them for free. In fact, a majority of tools that Microsoft offers on their Azure cloud are available for free. No one wants to lose a customer to a security problem, so Microsoft gives these items away in bundles or included offerings, while they leverage other ways to collect money from usage and data. It becomes a reason to entice customers to move to the cloud.

For example, to provide 2FA for a customer and some additional security controls normally would take multiple pieces of equipment, training and maintenance. By moving that customer to the Microsoft Cloud using their security expertise and the tools that they have available, it’s as easy as a couple of clicks. And, I really mean that.

Microsoft is the security leader among the major technology companies, absolutely, 100%! They’ve got the resources, the technology, the money and the manpower to have a trustworthy and reliable platform.

I see it more and more every day that they’re dedicating a tremendous amount of resources. Enough to protect their cloud. It’s all about reputation. Once your reputation is damaged, it could be devastating to any business. Building a security practice protects your customers and your business.