Microsoft Security Experts – new offerings to maximize customer security

On May 9, 2022, Microsoft announced it is expanding its existing service capabilities under a new service category called Microsoft Security Experts. See the public announcement on the Microsoft partner blog.

Aligned to Microsoft’s Zero Trust principles, Security Experts combines expert-trained technology with human-led services to help organizations achieve more secure, compliant, and productive outcomes.

The vision is to deliver this new category of services across security, compliance, identity, management, and privacy. The first step on that journey is offering new and expanded services for security.


New product offerings

Microsoft has designed three new managed services under the name Microsoft Security Services that will augment customers’ existing security teams and lighten their load.


Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting

  • This new product is for customers that already have Microsoft Defender deployed.
  • It is a managed threat hunting service that proactively looks for threats across endpoints, email, identity, and cloud apps by using data from Microsoft 365 Defender (Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 P2, Microsoft Defender for Identity, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps).
  • When identified, incidents are automatically escalated to a Microsoft team of security experts to assess.
  • The expert team then hands off the validated alert notifications, along with remediation instructions, to customers and their partners so they can quickly respond.
  • Defender Experts for Hunting will be generally available in summer 2022, and you can request to be part of the preview now.

Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR

  • This new product has the same features as Microsoft Security Experts for Hunting, but goes a step further.
  • Once a security threat is verified by the Microsoft expert team, that team directly assists the customer, and partner when relevant, with remediation.
  • Defender Experts for XDR will move into preview in fall 2022.

Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise

  • This new offering is a comprehensive, expert-led service that combines threat hunting with dedicated Microsoft security experts to deliver a simplified and modern managed security experience.
  • It helps customers address an attack by surfacing trends in alerts, conducting deep investigations, and better understanding and managing minor intrusions in a network.
  • Security Services for Enterprise uses dedicated resources to manage customers’ day-to-day interaction, premium product onboarding, security practice modernization services, and incident response.
  • Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise is sold through a custom statement of work and is available today. Interested enterprise customers should contact their Account Executive to learn more.

Partners remain a key component of customer security in each offering as customers will continue to need the local, trusted expertise of partners to help manage their security alongside the services Microsoft provides.


Partner investments

Starting this Summer, Microsoft will be making new multi-million-dollar investments specifically for managed XDR partner community. Details will be announced at Inspire in July. ​​​​​​​



  • Based on input from our design partners, our engineering teams are building new APIs to help ensure partners have access to Microsoft threat intelligence.


  • Microsoft is committed to showcasing verified partners and their managed XDR solutions on our marketing websites, through our commerce marketplaces, and in direct sales conversations with customers.
  • A new managed XDR partner designation within MISA will unlock an expanded set of co-marketing benefits to ensure partner offerings are front and center in each customer conversation.
  • An expanded set of complementary co-marketing benefits and funding to ensure partner offerings are front and center in each customer conversation will be provided.


  • We are launching a new co-sell benefit for managed XDR partners. This worldwide investment represents millions of dollars that can help you build your business around Microsoft’s advanced security products.

Looking to the future

Wherever you are in your security journey, Microsoft Security Experts will meet you there, whether you need additional security expertise, help with specific technologies, or guidance in navigating new security challenges. Leveraging industry-leading technology, the best defenders from Microsoft and our partner community, and the most comprehensive threat intelligence in the world, we can build a safer world for everyone, together. 

To learn more, join us at Microsoft Security Summit on May 12, 2022. Please join us at Microsoft Inspire, where we will share specifics on how to integrate with the new APIs and take advantage of the expanded program benefits and go-to-market (GTM) opportunities. You can also find more information on our Microsoft Security Experts Partner page. To learn more about Microsoft Security solutions, visit our website. Bookmark the Security blog to keep up with our expert coverage on security matters. Also, follow us at @MSFTSecurity for the latest news and updates on cybersecurity.