Help your customers to address increased Cybersecurity threats

With increased Cybersecurity threats in our Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region and related customer concerns Microsoft and its partners has the responsibility to do what would be expected from us as a trusted Security provider – proactively reach out to our customers across CEE and offer our help and guidance on how they can effectively secure and protect their business environments. Our partners should be part of this, therefore we would like to share with you a few key materials and guidance that may help you do so. We recommend the following approach:

  • Reach out to your customers, using  "To Customer Cyberthreat Proactive email template"  and   "Securing Exposed Environments" guidelines document to help them build resiliency against today’s threats.

  • Follow the  "PartnerSecurityAssistanceFlow" to request assistance and trial licenses for your customers.
  • If customers are experiencing any current connectivity issues with Microsoft products and services, they should first leverage existing support channels. If they have a Premier/Unified agreement, they should contact their CSAM.