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Microsoft Security Playbook

Microsoft has numerous resources on how to use their security tools and best practices. One of the best is the Security Playbook referenced below.


I’ve found that best practices is one big motivator for clients to use our platform (the Microsoft Cloud). Microsoft has top-of-the-line security technology and clients should know that. Recently they invested $4-5 billion in Azure. We went to a few partner conferences and learned what they are doing. Some of it was mind-blowing stuff. My point is that you want to follow best Network Security Best Practices.

Below are some great resources pulled out from Microsoft digital properties. Use to your advantage.

From the partner website:

Compliance Manager toolkit
Azure GDPR partner deck, sales guide, and opportunity playbook
Security Partner Playcard
Partner Opportunity with GDPR Overview Sheet  
Compliance Partner Playcard

GDPR marketing resources

From the partner community:

Policy CSP (Cloud Services Provider) - Security

Here’s what you need to know about the new CSP security requirements:


CSP security requirements top resources list

This is the list of top resources you can refer to implement the security requirements:

When you need more, we make our team available for other Microsoft Partners to spring board their practice with a great partner standing behind their customer engagements.  All you need do is connect with the Computer Network Security Experts at eMazzanti Technologies.  We are here and ready to assist you when the effort is needed most.