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Area of Focus - PCI Retail Security

Security has so many facets.  No matter what you chose as your own firms focus, chose one and become the best.  In this installment I offer up my own firm as an example of what you could do with a focus by what that has meant for us. 


eMazzanti Technologies has a large retailer client base, including some household names, and is very involved in helping our customers protect customer data. If you’re going to sell to retail stores and chains, you have to know your way around PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standards and compliance.


To support that effort, we actively function as a PCI Security Standards Council Participating Organization and PCI Qualified Integrator (QIR). The company’s IT security professionals were among the very first to be PCI QIR trained and qualified globally.


We also participate annually at the PCI Security Standards Council North America Community Meeting held each September. Our efforts ensure that customers continue to receive best-in-the-world data security services and an exceptional customer experience.


eMazzanti’s annual participation in the PCI North America Community Meeting strengthens eMazzanti’s leadership in the retail payment technology and payment security fields.


PCI Qualified Integrator


eMazzanti Technologies is the sixth of only a few hundred companies globally to be approved as a PCI Qualified Integrator under the stringent certification standards of the PCI Security Standards Council Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIR) program.


We also joined the PCI Security Standards Council in 2015 as a Participating Organization. We work with the Council to improve payment data security worldwide through the ongoing development of the PCI Security Standards.


Compliance Management Services


We also offer retail IT infrastructure, EMV integration and PCI compliance services to provide retailers with complete compliance management services from a single-source retail technology partner.


The company’s retailer offerings include full merchant services, QIR POS application and terminal installation and credit cards for testing and training. eMazzanti’s compliance management services protect businesses from penalties and fines that may be levied against non-compliant organizations.


PCI retail security is a major piece of eMazzanti’s security practice, one that continues to grow, and an area in which we shine.


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