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Security and Compliance

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Security and Compliance for your Customers

After ensuring users are created on Azure AD seamlessly and ready to be enabled with applications, what do you do to ensure security to monitor accesses? Identity Governance and Administration is a crucial part of managing your identities. As you scale your access management with Azure AD, enhance your security as well with an equally efficient Identity Governance and Administration solution. Ilantus’ Compact Identity integrates with Azure AD with ease to provide you with a comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution. Key functionalities like providing the right access to the right users, governing these access, timely extension or revoking of the accesses, stringent security policies, access review and certification campaigns—experience all of it.

You can partner with us and ensure compliant security for your customers.

Know more here: https://www.ilantus.com/solutions/iam-for-microsoft-azuread/



Preethi Anchan, Ilantus Technologies