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RECAP - Ask Me Anything Topic: Security & Compliance

In case you missed it, check back to read the October AMA, which featured questions answered by Ankur Arora, Microsoft WW Partner Strategy Lead, Security & Compliance, OCP. Have more questions? Comment below and we will answer them.

AMA Questions:

How do customers integrate Office ATP, ATA with their existing SIEM (Splunk for many of mine)? I know you can download logs and integrate that way, but is there an option to set up pub/sub topology to provide that information as the events occur?


1. If I configure organization wide retention policy, will policy retain content in shared mailboxes?

2. What is difference between mailbox on litigation hold (active user - all content preserved, inactive mailbox preserved) and Retention policy in Security & Compliance center (if any)


1. What would be CON's for using Security & Compliance Retention as a backup solution for O365 services. PRO's are - protect data with functionality included in license, everything at one place.

2. How to deal with GDPR "right to be forgotten" if we keep data in O365 services based on retention policies


Where do you see the best opportunities for new services in this space?