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Integrate security with Azure AD

Often, organizations tend to only focus on staying productive and providing the resources to their employees and forget about the smaller aspects of security which can have bigger repercussions.

There may be many loopholes within an organization’s internal networks which are frequently overlooked. Securing just the external perimeter with firewalls is no longer enough, the internal networks are flooded with so many devices, resources, and the world of cybercrime is so advanced that nothing besides security should be an organization’s top priority.

The step towards a more secure space is to investigate the fallacies that exist within your network. Many exceptions are made to internal networks on the request of an employee to avoid friction to their work—although this may seem like a harmless act, this can easily result in a security breach.

Small maneuvers as such may seem insignificant but a data breach is only obvious once the breach has fully undertaken and becomes irreversible.

Thus, the importance of secure, compliant solutions can never be undermined.

Remain secure with Ilantus’ Identity Governance and Administration solution, Compact Identity which is integrated with Azure AD—allowing you to remain as productive as you want to be, but, with security.

Provide the right access, to the right people, at the right time as you continue to be vigilant.

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Preethi Anchan, Ilantus Technologies