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Governance implementation is now simple and easy

Implementing Governance solutions have always been complex and cumbersome—this makes essential security aspects difficult to acquire. This also means that smaller organizations get reluctant to invest in solutions which last long and end up failing.

The key to solving this is industry expertise and implementation experience which can secure you seamlessly.  

Ilantus has over 18 years of implementation experience and is now integrating with Azure AD to provide a complete Identity and Access Management solution.

You can ensure your access management needs are met and simplified with Azure AD and the accesses are provided and governed with our Governance solutions.

Some key factors which can accelerate Identity Governance and Administration implementation:

  1. Ensuring that IGA deployment is treated as a business project which means stakeholders and IT are both equally interested in making it successful.
  2. Smaller, timely deliverables must be a focus, this can be done as a weekly demonstrable deliverable of high value, low-risk element. This provides the right momentum in the right direction wherein the end-users and executives can see the value against the investment made.
  3. Most implementations require an in-house expert to further continue the project which slows down user adoption with complicated user experience—this can be solved using OOTB connectors with easy plug and play options thus even the new hires can be productive from the start.
  4. An easy, customizable product which can be configured easily as opposed to workflows that are complicated and need an expert to execute.
  5. Simple and easy product experience which can rapidly increase user adoption.
  6. Implementation time reduced to 2 weeks as opposed to the years of tiresome processes.

These are just an overview of how IGA implementation does not have to be complex. Ilantus’ IGA integrated with Azure AD can revolutionize how Identity and Access Management domain functions.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Let’s connect at #MSInspire and empower your customers with the right solutions.



Preethi Anchan, Ilantus Technologies