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GDPR offers $3.5 bn opportunity for partners

In May 2018, a European privacy law is due to take effect that will require big changes, and potentially significant investments, by organizations all over the world including Microsoft, our partners and our customers. Penalties for non-compliance with GDPR is 4% of annual global revenue or 20 million euros whichever is higher. GDPR regulation also offers $3.5 billion security products and services opportunities such as Data Protection Officer, Data Breach Notification, Risk Management and Mitigation which partners can tap into and help customers comply with GDPR. 


In a blog, Gavirella Schuster, CVP - One Commercial Group talks about different partner opportunities related to GDPR regulation. 


Please visit http://microsoft.com/GDPR to learn more about GDPR, as well as learn about how you can use Microsoft technologies to help your customers comply with GDPR regulation.



I agree!


GDPR can very well be turned into an opportunity for several partners! I'm also aware that GDPR adds cost for some partners but the important thing is to navigate the waters so that you use it to your advantage! Change in our industry is always an opportunity for the ones that embrace it and learn how to make it play to their advantage!