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How do I transform my business in the cloud?

RECAP - Ask Me Anything Topic: Practice Development Playbooks

In case you missed it, check back to read the December AMA, which featured questions answered by Melissa Mulholland, Microsoft's Cloud Profitability Lead. Have more questions? Comment below and we will answer them.

AMA Questions:

Is there a playbook for those interested in developing for the next generation of Microsoft products?

Specifically for Hololens (Mixed Reality); Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning 


1) In your opinion, how do you see the mix between investing in digital marketing and traditional sales? If you have a fixed budget, where do you focus your spend?

2) How can traditional SIs, that are billing hours today, become more profitable in the future? What steps do they need to take?

3) I'm a big believer in Specialization and Partnering (P2P). Do you see this as a strong trend for partners that are more profitable? 


Any advice for a single person just starting out?


Is there a quick start guide?

The books in the links are great, but they are quite detailed. Is there an Executive Summary (perhaps from the books themselves) or a Quick Start Guide that can help partners evaluate the market opportunity more quickly. Then, if there is a desire to dig deeper they can open the eBooks and dig in.


This is a great conversation and partners that embrace change and drive their businesses in the right direction will enjoy great profitability, great growth and will have great options for mergers and acquisitions! Helping partners with legacy business models transform themselves to being more successful is a great charter - and fun!

Thank you!


Regards, Per