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How can you commericialize IP?

The business world is evolving at an exponential rate—and more than ever, Microsoft Partners are leading the charge. A recent trend is that many Microsoft Partners are moving away from traditional consulting and software reselling to developing their own scalable, commercialized IP.

In the most interesting cases, platforms are designed as a foundation for customized solutions. Partners are finding that, with careful design and some modifications, the IP they create for one customer can be used by others. MOQdigital with its Cloud Data Manager (CDM) is one company that has adapted to this model very well.

Australian Microsoft Partner MOQdigital resulted from the 2015 merger of two companies: Breeze and Technology Effect. Breeze had been in business since 1998 and had been a recognized Gold Partner focusing on training, and later, software development. Technology Effect had been a more traditional consulting practice.

Learn how they developed commericialized IP, utilized IoT and worked with Microsoft to become an ISV.

Download the case study now.


The link above appears to be broken, but a related resources is Microsoft's ISV to SaaS Playbook. It's a detailed guide to help independent software vendors (ISVs) that are considering building new applications or transitioning existing applications using a traditional licensing and delivery model to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery mode. It includes both technical and business model considerations. A must-read for ISV partners.


I agree, the Playbooks are wonderful! Great help for partners that wants to change focus! Worth noting is that there are a number of different Playbooks and they're all worth reading!

Commercializing IP is important! The journey starts with identifying what IP that you got and then make sound decisions around whether it is possible to make a business out of it.


Regards, Per