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What are your business New Year resolutions for 2018?

I'd love to know the 3 things partners are planning in 2018 to scale and grow their businesses. For a starter mine are:

  • To focus on meeting more people, in person, each month. If only to say hello!
  • To empower my team to help make the decisions they think will drive forward their respective areas of the business
  • To increase our presence and reach at Microsoft Inspire in Vegas
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Our 3 main goals for this year at M'Ready are:

  • To connect and work with more partners to help them grow their business
  • Go even more global and take our M'Ready workshops to partners (and non partners) across the world, visiting new countries like India and Germany. And of course go back to the places we've already been.
  • To attend Microsoft Inspire in Vegas and meet new people.