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Unissoft: A link to better contract management


eSignature solutions have been a well-understood part of the technology landscape for years, with industry leaders such as DocuSign becoming so ubiquitous that their brand doubles as a sobriquet for eSignature services all-up. Despite this, many customers, particularly those associated with banking and government industries, retain paper-based documentation policies - policies they are required to maintain to satisfy legal guidelines and to remain compliant with regional or national regulations.

For customers like ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. (ASM), the process of creating and maintaining paper copies of necessary contract information had quickly become a drain on their operational capacity. ASM, listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1989, has been using a supply chain management solution since 1990. Using this solution, ASM was developing an average of 29 documents from each purchase order (PO) - a number that quickly became unmanageable when processing roughly 2000 POs per year.

To comply with regional regulations, customers using traditional document management and archiving solutions must retain original signed documents as legal copies to present in court - paying in time and resources to convey the document between companies and to eventually store the original version

Unissoft's iNAS SmartContract solution was developed to solve this problem.

Read this case study to see how Unissoft's iNAS SmartContract solution utilizes BlockChain technology to enable greater efficiency, transparency, and security across the contract signing process.