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Tips for Taking Your Microsoft Partner Business Global

Here's my latest article in Redmond Channel Partner Magazine! I really enjoy giving advice to Microsoft Partners for how to make it on the global scene!

There are lots of great opportunities for the bold and smart! Let's go global!



Regards, Per


Level 1 Contributor

Is there a way to connect our Global regions but still provide direct revenue and funds back to each region. Would like to connect all our CSP locations (US, Canada, Singapore, UK/EMEA, Australia and Hong Kong) to a single corporate MPN, but have the regional revenues still flow to the local region. 


Judy Misbin



That’s a question for Microsoft! You can of course use a single organization within MPN but that might not resolve your needs around how to recognize revenue.
Level 2 Contributor

Nice article:). Please note that even though UK and Ireland might be "low hanging fruits" as you call it - there is quite some work in doing a proper localized version of your business application offering, as there are "different legal systems" as you say - and this work should not be under-estimated....

If anyone would need a partnership in one or more of the European countries - then we might be able to help, representing 400+ Dynamics partners across Europe. Feel free to reach out directly.


Thanks Anne! I agree - never underestimate cultural differences and small details can sometime be very important for success!

Regards, Per