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Presentation on "Disruptive Selling"

Disruptive Selling targets the majority segment of any target market - prospects that are "CALM/blissfully ignorant" that there may be better ways of running their businesses.  As sales resources, this gives us the opportunity to "teach".

At later buyer journey stages, we may need to practise Solution-Based Selling, or indeed at even later buyer journey stages Competitive Selling.

selling models along buyer's journey.png

(Diagram Copyright© Bruce Ian Rasmussen 2017. This diagram remains the property of Bruce Ian Rasmussen and is confidential.) 

A 1 size fits all sales process is no longer valid!  We have to start selling how buyers buy!

If you can't attend Microsoft Australia's Partner Summit in Sydney next week, do ping me if you're interested - so I can send you a copy of the slides, and a pre-recording of the presentation and deep dive sessions I'm running.  Post the event, we're also offering 1-1 consultation sessions, just to see if you're Disruptor Ready!

Do get in touch!



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Thank you for sharing @Anonymous! For those who do not know, the event is 14-15 November and you can register for the event here