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LinkedIn Learning - Anyone tried?

Has anyone had a serious look at LinkedIn Learning? It is a re-packaged version of Lynda.com with a lot of extra features. Key for us is the ability to add outsdide links/sites/materials to LinkedIn/Lynda content. 

Thinking of rolling it out company wide to boost internal training efforts. 

Level 6 Contributor

Re: LinkedIn Learning - Anyone tried?

Hi Chris,

I have long been invited to try this tool but I have always been very reluctant. Do you really think that it's a good idea to subscribe and roll out on it. Can you tell me a little about all the requirements because I want in the very near future to enroll my team members in order to improve their skills. 

Level 3 Contributor

Re: LinkedIn Learning - Anyone tried?

I haven't yet, but the docs.microsoft.com are really good, the learning area has really impressed me, I like the interactive aspects, and feels currently up to date.