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Best Practice? How to generate Leads for Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central (SMB)

Hi 🙂 


I am just about to grow my business from "freelancer" to a "real company" 🙂 I already have onboarded an experienced technical team. But I am struggling with qualified Lead generation. I don't think that "google ads" or "cold calling" some random company really works, are there any "best practices" how to do that efficiently? Is there any support from Microsoft in this area available?


I really appreciate your feedback! Thanks a lot and have a nice day! 

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Set up a website, create some great blog content and get found organically. That's how I graduated from sole practitioner to owning my own D365 consultancy. I also took on jobs on Upwork back in the day. People will eventually find you through internet search engines and you will be in demand!

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@bravo I have no idea, but i'm tracking to see if any other partners have direction for you.