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Azure Cloud Platform

8KMiles, is a Gold Cloud Platform Competency Partner of Azure. We have expertise on cloud readiness assessment, cloud security & compliance, architecting, transformation/migration, automation and managed services.
In the last 9-10 months we have received quite a few leads from the Partner Center - Referrals Option. Unfortunately, none of them are relevant to our line of business. We have attempted to get this sorted out multiple times and the only answer was to check our profile and key words. 
We are only getting leads were customer is asking for Windows 10 , Dynamics or some other Licenses. We are not into the business of license sales.
How do we ensure that only Azure Cloud Services related leads comes to us. It has been a year almost, since we have been extensively using this portal. Not even once have we received a lead relevant to our line of business, in spite of our Business profile & Keywords only speaking about Azure and related services
Our focus is on Azure Cloud Migration / Transformation, Cloud Security and Compliance, Managed Services, DevOps, Big Data, GxP, HIPAA, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharma etc. 
mailto: prathish.vk@8kmiles.com