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Are you an ISV wondering how to Go-To-Market?...

...Are you wondering how to scale your business? DataStax has recently seen notable success with joint Customer wins from its partnership with Microsoft, not only from a technology integration standpoint but also through the benefits available to them through Microsoft Go-To-Market Services.


Learn how DataStax leveraged Azure to increase their pipeline growth by 140% and how you can too.


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Hi Karen,

I have a question related to this thread. We are a Gold ISV Partner who recently opened offices in Canada (this past fall). I've tried using the invites on the Find a Partner section to connect with suitable partners with little to no response. What else do you recommend? We have partners in other markets such as EMEA etc and we are headquartered in Iceland and as such we are already dynamic level partners based on the Partner Readiness plan from Per Werngren. We have decided to start with Canada in our plan to approach the North American market. I would appreciate your ideas on this. Thanks. We are excited to be here in North America and we are looking forward to much success! 

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Hi @Christina_Vali, thanks for asking. Adding @Anonymous and @LK to help with your question. I am also adding @PerWerngren as our resident P2P expert! 

FYI Per is hosting an Ask Me Anything event on MPC January 24th 7-11am PST titled "How to partner with partners"; I recommend you attend either to ask questions yourself or see what other partners are asking.



Thanks Karen!

Hi Christina - starting in Canada often makes sense and I know that Icelandair provides you with great connections to Canada! But Canada is big so I suggest that you take it bit by bit (like initially Toronto).

In order to 'win' partners abroad it is often crucial to meet them in person so I suggest that you narrow down your list of desired partners and then contact them via phone and schedule a meeting in their city (send an email before a day or so before you phone them. You can also try to set up meetings if there is a relevant trade show coming up. Less is more and I suggest that you start small and invest the time needed in each contact - think quality instead of quantity. Please make sure that the person reaching out has a high rank so that the partner you are trying to recruit sees that he/she is meeting with a person with relevant authority and knowledge. And remember that local, or at least North American, references are key.

I also suggest that you revisit your value prop and make sure that it resonates well with partners - you need to show them why you are relevant to them and considering that North America is a VERY competitive marketplace you can never invest to much in crafting and fine tuning your value prop.

I strongly suggest that you hook up with IAMCP in Canada and make sure that you become a member and that you attend every activity that they arrange - and be patient because it takes a few meetings before you start to see tangible traction. IAMCP is a brilliant way for a newbie to make friends and to find partners. Sign up on www.iamcp.ca.

IAMCP are spread across the USA (www.iamcp-us.org) so you can leverage this great association also for other locations - but remember that you need to visit the meetings in person in order to find success thruogh the IAMCP - emails will never be enough.

Hope this helps! 


Regards, Per