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Level 2 Contributor

tracking Microsoft cloud products in ERP systems


we are trying to establish some kind of "transparency" within our ERP system which is just fine for rest of IT products since we get them with clear SKUs or part numbers or catalog number and manufacturer's description. 

Now, I started to look at this and I got info that this SKU AAA-10635 (Microsoft 365 Apps for Business) is same for yearly and for monthly subscription and for us this is pretty confusing and hard to track. 


We are indirect reseller and buying stuff from CSP which is doing ordering subscriptions from Microsoft. 

Is there some kind of best practice how to track this in ERP systems for billing purposes that I am not aware of 🙂 ?

Level 2 Contributor

For external ERP systems you would need to define an unique identifier ( If SKU code is same for both monthly & Yearly). This can be an Item code/Product code. Durable offer ID ( Offer ID) is A unique ID (GUID) in the Commerce Offer Catalog to uniquely identify a offer. This can be used in ERP system to categorize the products. 

Level 2 Contributor


are you saying Microsoft has only one SKU for yearly and monthly subscription: AAA-10635 ?


I am pretty up to speed how to generate SKUs for internal processes but we also track SKU from vendors in order to be able to mix&match in different reports.