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migrate subscriptions from one csp to another between different countries.

I found this for a similar case(link below). But we have a situation where we have to migrate a csp subscription in Singapore region to one in west-us region. Is it also supported by doing  “Request a Reseller Relationship"? If not, what is the best or suggested way of doing it?



Since those are different regions, the reseller invite does not work in this scenario (Customer willl get a message that he can not accept it). So there is no option here if the customers location in in a different region then you are.

Customer location is the location of the tenant, so if the customer goes into his organisation profile (e.g. O365 admin center) he will find the location where this was set up - and this can not be changed.


Generally you do not move the subscription when it comes to Office 365 or Dynamics, you establish a reseller relationship, assign new subscription and customer cancels the old subscription at his other reseller.

Only when it comes to Azure services you can actually switch a subscription to another partner - still the regional restrictions apply though.


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