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What is a reseller and how to become one?

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding how things work so sorry if this is a silly question but I really need some help. I own a small repairs business and want to start repairing computers and laptops, I want to sell second hand computers with windows operating system and offfice etc as well as just selling the software on its own. How do I go about this? Do I have to sign up directly with Microsoft as a reseller? I can’t see anything on their website about this. Or so I purchase from a registered distributor and then sell it on? Do I have to pay a yearly fee? If I am installing an operating system on multiple machines that I am selling so I need to purchase one installation disk and separate product keys or do I need to purchase multiple installation disks? Again sorrry if this is a silly or confusing question but I’m really stuck and need some help.
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Re: What is a reseller and how to become one?

There are no stupid questions, and the onboarding process with Microsoft is not beginner/newbie friendly. I'm in the same boat as the owner of a marketing agency. I am actually a reseller of MANY solutions for my clients, but the process of 'what next' is never clear. 

I would've rather they required education and testing BEFORE being qualified as a reseller if I was going to be left unsupported this way. 

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Re: What is a reseller and how to become one?


To become a reseller you do need to sign up directley with Microsoft, we are a CSP with many business such as yours.  We can give you access to the full range of MS products with a dedicated team to help and advise you.  Our team are available on 0333 332 0888 or visit our website cloudmarket.com, there are no yearly fees you just pay for what you purchase.  


Re: What is a reseller and how to become one?

Dear Makaweli and LWBC,

Great questions! My very best advice is to talk to a distributor and open up an account with them as a reseller. There are multiple Microsoft distributors and Ingram Micro and Techdata are two of the larger ones with coverage in a large number of countries.

Furhermore, I stronhly suggest that you also enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and discover how to best market your solutions as well as to build additional knowledge. The link is here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/membership (you might want to switch country)

Hope this helps!


Regards, Per