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Reseller Profile - Indirect Reseller status Declined



I just picked up management of our different partner relationships.  When reviewing on Microsoft profile that has sat dormant for a few years and after doing all the updates to company, location, banking etc, I came across in our reseller profile saying we are declined with no other information.  


Is this because we do not have a silver competency or is it because our direct partner distributor has not done something on their side to send information to Microsoft? 


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Re: Reseller Profile - Indirect Reseller status Declined

Difficult to tell with the information given - I would advise either to do the enrollment as CSP again ( especially if you don't know who has done it before or if it was ever completed from your side): https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/enrolling-in-the-csp-program - and open a support ticket via Partner Center or htttps://partner.microsoft.com/support to get this checked when enrollment is again declined.


The Distributor does not need to deliver any information, you can enroll as Indirect CSP reseller without ever contacting a distributor before (of course you need to contact one to actually resell licenses) - and you also do not need to have an competency for this, only for Direct Reseller you would need Gold.


Re: Reseller Profile - Indirect Reseller status Declined

I think Janosch is right - you should submit it again as your previous applications seems to be a bit dated.


Regards, Per