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Question for Indirect Resellers – Supporting Your Customers?

Hi, we’re an indirect reseller (and Gold Cloud). We get Signature Cloud Support (SCS). According to all the documentation I have found, SCS can be used to log Azure calls on behalf of customers. Except that when we link the SCS benefit to the customer’s subscription, it doesn’t open up any new options, instead simply saying that the sub is managed by the direct CSP (or whatever MS call them these days!). That is both what we and the cusomer sees using all logins (delegated, tenant, AAD ands so on).


I logged a call with the Partner Centre who said (paraphrasing): “don’t know – log an Azure ticket”. I logged a call with Azure and they said (paraphrasing): “ask the Partner Centre”. We did that merry-go-round 2 times and eventually Azure support escalated it and said “not possible”. So, I asked one other Indirect Reseller that we know well and they said it does work perfectly well for them!


I have gone back to Azure support and asked 2 questions, which I’m also going to ask here:


  1. Are any Indirect reseller able to log support calls with Microsoft on behalf of customers? If not, it means that when customers transition from PAYG to Indirect Reseller, they transition from Customer --> Microsoft to Customer --> Indirect CSP --> Direct CSP --> Microsoft
  2. Why do MS hand out SCS if you can’t actually use it (except for our own use environment)?