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Providing customer transparency

We have some customers in the legal sector who we want to move to CSP.

Currently they get their Azure through Open so we know we have a migration to complete.

The issue is that the customers are concerned that we now introduce a middle man they have no control or direct sight of.  As the customer purchases CSP from us and we purchase from the distributor, what protection does the customer have that a) We have paid our bills to the distributor and b) the distributor has paid their bills.

In the event that either the partner or the distributor enter administration what guarantee has the customer that they will not suffer being at the bottom of this indirect relationship?

I dont want to supply the customer with copies of invoices and payments to show the money trail, but how else can we provide this transparency?



Hi Adrian,
My advice would be to make a non issue of it. It’s not that different than purchasing through Open, right? There is still a middle man in Open who may not pay the bills.

Also, the Microsoft Cloud Agreement that your customer agrees to say they have the right to terminate the reseller relationship and choose another reseller or purchase direct from Microsoft.

Hope this helps! Good luck with the business!