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Partner Portal Robustness - Is it Just Me Who Has Nothing But Problems?

I’ve spent the last 90 minutes trying to submit a case for Microsoft advisory hours through the partner site. Once I found what appeared to be the right page, I entered the details only to be told “You can’t request support online.”

Fortunately I was expecting an error so had copied and pasted the content into a text document. I then found another page that looked promising. When I clicked submit I got a 404. It then bounced me off to a site I’d never seen before and on which I was asked to specify which day of the month we wanted to be invoiced. I left that one quickly.

It was about this time that everything became a blur as the buildup of steam generated by my anger at Microsoft started escaping in clouds from my eyeballs. I did eventually find somewhere that accepted by submission and I got an e-mail to confirm that it had been received.

 I’ve been using MS partner sites for over a decade and a half now. It’s pathetic that whenever I try to do anything partner network related I always save in Notepad any long bodies of text I enter because I just know the page is going to crap out after I submit. It’s got to the point where I only log in to the MPN site in extreme cases because 75% of the links I click on will 404 and the remaining 25% will load slowly and contain outdated information.

Why exactly are we paying thousands of dollars for this privilege?


Hi @ErickS! I'm sorry to hear that you're having such trouble.

I will escalate this situation to the apprpriate people and follow up shortly.