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Office 365 - Enabling Multi-Geo

Hi Support, 


I need help with step 1

This specialist license is not available via CSP  and no help with support and we have a few of these solutions to implement due to brexit.


four key steps:

  1. Work with your account team to add the Multi-Geo Capabilities in Microsoft 365 service plan.

  2. Choose your desired satellite location(s) and add them to your tenant.

  3. Set your users' preferred data location to the desired satellite location. When a new OneDrive site or Exchange mailbox is provisioned for a user, it is provisioned to their PDL.

  4. Migrate your users' existing OneDrive sites from the central location to their preferred data location as needed. (Exchange mailboxes are migrated automatically when you set a user's PDL.)


Multi-Geo licenses are only available via EA, so only for customers with 500 licenses or more. If the customer has an EA they also have an account team.

Why exactly do you need to implement this due to Brexit? 

Kind regards, Janosch
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Hi Janosch,

Any update on this topic?

My customer has got information from another partner that Multi-Geo is available in the CSP program.


Hi @SweMikBoh 

Multi-Geo Capabilities are not yet available to CSP, but that is on Roadmap. 

However, currently you just need 250 M365 seats: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/enterprise/microsoft-365-multi-geo?view=o365-worldwide#licensing



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