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No Access to customers



I don't have access to customers or support. I think it might be because I have a work and personal account with the same email address.


When I try to access customers  from the support page I get

No access

Partner Center doesn’t recognize this account


It might very well be that this due you are being logged in using the personal account, yet for accessing the Partner Center Dashboard & customer list you need a work account. You can add a new alias to your personal account, make this primary, and then delete the alias that is the same as your work account, this can solve a lot of similar issues, especially around B2B invites: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/account-billing/change-the-email-address-or-phone-number-for-your-microsoft-account-761a662d-8032-88f4-03f3-c9ba8ba0e00b

Reg. the specific problem - did this happen recently, did you always have this problem? Do you get to Partner Center Dashboard using some other accounts from your tenant?

Kind regards, Janosch (Note: Leaving role as of March 2023, don't expect further answers. Connect with me via LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/janoschulmer)