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Multiple CSP Subscriptions under one AD Tenant



I am a CSP and I have a customer named 'XYZ'. Now, XYZ wants to have multiple CSP subscriptions, all under one CSP AD tenant.

Question is: Whether it is possible or not to achieve the same? I understand that it's fairly straightforward for EA subscribers to achieve it but for CSP how it can be achieved?




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In the cases highlighted previously, you seem to be referring to multiple Azure subscriptions with each subscription being managed/billed by a separate CSP provider.  In our case, we are the sole CSP for our client, but the client would like to have us provide multiple subscriptions (one for their production environment and one for their non-production environment) which allows for access and roles to be set separately for the different subscriptions.  When attempting to purchase the second subscription, we are blocked by an error that states: You can buy only one Azure plan per specific reseller and customer combination.

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@JanoschUlmer - Any insight into accomplishing this with multiple subscriptions under one CSP partner and one client?  Thanks in advance.


@BlaineTillander  Under Azure Plan, you need to add an additional  Azure subscription in Azure Cost Management in Azure Portal.


So go to portal.azure.com using your Partner Center account - in the directory context of your Partner Center tenant, NOT in the customer context.

Then go to "Azure Cost Management", if being asked choose the billing account that is labeled "Partner commerce root....", then click on "Customers" on the left , click on the customer in question , then "Subscriptions" and you find the "Add" button in there. 

Also under "Policies" for the specific customer you can enable the setting that allows the customer to see the pricing information and use azure cost management in their subscription context.

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@JanoschUlmer Thank you for that terrific explanation and graphic walkthrough of the process.  You are a lifesaver.  Great, great work.


Yes, this is possible. You can provision additional Azure subscriptions for the customer in the same tenant - either directly in Partner Center Dashboard if you are Direct CSP or via your Provider if you are indirect. This is done the same way as you created the first Azure subscription.

Different to EA Azure Subscriptions the customer can not change the associated AzureAD tenant for the subscriptions himself - so if wants to have different subscription in different tenants you would need to create multiple customer entititeies/AzureAD tenants for them.

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i saw this post and would like to ask on Azure plan, what are the steps to create multiple Azure subscriptions and any pre configuration required on Azure before performing this Azure subscription add?


what are the steps to create multiple Azure subscriptions (...)  before performing this Azure subscription add?


Maybe I do misunderstand this, but the thing is, in order to create additional subscriptions, you need to do what I described above. You can not add multiple subscriptions before you add multiple subscriptions 🙂


Can you give an example of preconfiguration required? Generally access to the subscription, e.g. for automating setups, works similar as before.

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We have a customer who wants to consolidate their regions (US & EMEA) under one O365 tenant. They want to know can they have multiple CSP Partners for this? I.e. One partner in the US and one partner in Ireland?


Thanks in advance Janosch!!



This would not work, CSP has a regional model where only a Partner from the same sales region can establish a reseller relationship with a customer.

So if the customer tenant is in the UK, only a Partner from european region can sell into this, if the tenant is in the US, only a US Partner can sell.


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Can a customer buy Visual Studio Subscription through US CSP and use it other regions? as the existing customer tenant is in US.

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It is possible, kindly refer to the above article ( both the partner should be in the same region as the tenant ).