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Multi-tenant scenario

Hi everyone, 

My question is about CSP platform, we have a customer that it is an italian company but it depends on holding company based in Singapore (under australian area) with a tenant in there. We shloud make an order of two licenses of Dynamics CRM for it. How do we make possible this operation? and the multi-tenant possibility could be a solution? 


As a CSP Partner you can only sell within to customers within the same region as you are.

So if the tenant (AzureAD/Organisation profile) has country Singapore, and you as Partner are in Italy, you can not provision a license to them. As Italian Partner you can only provision licenses to tenant within the EU/EFTA region.

In order to provision a license to a tenant in Singapore, you would need to have a Partner branch office with its own CSP status in APAC region (Not Australia) See also https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/regional-authorization-overview .


Of course you can provison to a separate, Italian tenant, question is then how the customer should work together when the users are in two seperate environments.


Kind regards,
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