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Multi tenant options or best practice

We have a client in Australia who also has a US presence and requires their US data stays in the US. The Australian side is a Hybrid AAD setup.


As Multi-Geo is not yet available to CSP we need to look at separate tenants. Yes we could put the client on an Enterprise agreement but we are not looking to go down that path just yet. We have also looked at cross-tenant access \ B2B. I have also looked at syncing multiple AAD tenants from the same on-prem AD server. 


Ideally they don't want to have double up on user accounts\licensing and access should be as simple as possible.


What would be the best approach for this scenario?




@da1ve : Certainly not what you want to hear, but Multi-Geo would be the best option in my opinion - because any multi-tenant approach will complicate collaboration.

Kind regards, Janosch (Note: Leaving role as of March 2023, don't expect further answers. Connect with me via LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/janoschulmer)
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I don't know if he will know anything about this, but I'll tag him just in case he has a resource around this. He is my whiz!! 🌠 @JanoschUlmer