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Microsoft Reseller Procedure



I have a Business in Bangladesh, where I want to provide customers with Microsoft Product directly from Microsoft rather than purchasing from other sources.
I tried to search for necessary steps but couldn't find any relevant one.

Can anyone please help me get the lost thread where I should apply or something...?

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I would suggest to search for a CSP partner in the region: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/membership/cloud-solution-provider/find-a-provider


Either that, or directly purchase the services from the MS website via credit card. 

Cheers, Martijn E.
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Hey there…!
Thanks for your Heads up…!
But, I wanted to Enroll as Indirect Provider to deal with Microsoft Directly, in the first place...

Is there any Program for that or any link where to apply...?

Thanks for your Support though…
Have a Nice Week…!

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Enrolling for Indirect Provider (tier-2), the model were you purchase directly from Microsoft and provide to your partners and not directly to your customers, might be difficult to achieve. You'll need to be eligible for the CSP program (eg. minimum of $100K expected CSP revenue) and will require an endorsement from your Microsoft regional HQ. As they need to request an approval for Indirect Provider status for you via Microsoft Corp. 


Microsoft Corp. is not eager in providing this status to new CSP partners anymore (at least not in my region), as they think there're too many Indirect Providers in the market already, so they might decline the request. 


It might be easier to enroll just for Direct Partner (tier-1), the model where you as a partner purchase directly from Microsoft and provide directly to your customers. Here's some info I found: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/enrolling-in-the-csp-program#enroll-as-a-direct-bill-partner


I guess in both cases, contacting your PDM would be step 1. 

Cheers, Martijn E.
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We have registered on the MPN, we would like to resell Teams, so we need Gold Partner level or can we have Silver Partner level?

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Silver should be enough to become an Indirect Reseller

Cheers, Martijn E.