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In my own words: Microsoft Teams Rooms



Microsoft Teams Rooms are scaled to a wide variety of room sizes. Team Rooms utilize several certified video and audio peripherals depending upon the room use and size. Choosing the correct console and core devices, along with appropriate cameras, speakers, microphones, and displays, it is possible to use the Team Rooms for virtually any kind of spaces, ranging from small huddles to large boardrooms and conference spaces.

Hardware requirements:

Hardware deployments involve selecting a particular system for the Microsoft Teams Rooms, as well as certified video and audio peripherals. You also need to choose a cabling system that will keep these devices integrated.

Audio Peripherals:

The audio peripherals are based on the size of the room. For instance, if you have a Focus room (10x9; suitable for 2-4 people), your speaker to microphone distance should be around 1.5m. For this room size, the ideal audio device would be Logitech Connect. This device is accompanied by a camera which you will have to position at the front end of your room in order to capture the meeting attendees.

Video Peripherals:

Much like audio peripherals, their video counterparts are also determined based on room size. So, if you are using a Focus room, you can use one of the following video devices:

-         Logitech Connect.

-         Logitech Meetup.

From my point of view:

To make the most out of Microsoft Teams Rooms, it is essential that you adhere to the specified requirements. I hope that my blog might give you a better understanding of Microsoft Teams Rooms.


What is your point of view? 

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