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How to match dates in Reconciliation files to Invoices?

I can match our monthly CSP invoice and reconciliation files fine. Now I want to concatenate all the reconciliation files so we can do various analysis and reporting activities (using Power BI)

Our September invoice for example shows the following billing period (international format): 28/8/2018 - 27/9/2018

However in the merged reconciliation file, I can't figure out how to find the records that match that billing period.

Here are the range of date values in the September reconciliation file (dd-mm-yyyy):

Field                                       Oldest             Newest
SubscriptionStartDate           02/07/2018     28/09/2018
SubscriptionEndDate            02/07/2019     28/09/2019
ChargeStartDate                    31/07/2018    28/09/2018
ChargeEndDate                     31/07/2018     27/10/2018

If I merge all my reconciliation files, is there a date search I can do that will return a set of records to match a specific MS invoice?