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How to change the billing date for an Indirect CSP Provider

Hello All,

We are a Indirect CSP provider in Korea. We are currently trying to launch a SaaS marketplace platform to automate
all CSP provisioning. We originally made a Indirect CSP contract with Microsoft with a billing date of 26th.
However, the marketplace platform only supports the billing date at the 1st so we need to change our billing date
to the 1st.

From what we heard so far, changing a billing date of the contract itself is impossible, and the partner has to create
a separate contract with a billing date at the 1st and receive a separate new partner center portal from Microsoft.
The new portal would be synced with the original partner's MPN ID, so the partner will be operating two partner portals.
(one with the billing date at the 26th and one with the billing date at the 1st)

We tried accessing https://partnercenter.microsoft.com/ko-kr/partner/home to apply for a new Indirect CSP provider
contract, but it was giving us the error message as attached. Can you please give us any advice on moving forward
with our process to apply for a new Indirect CSP contract with the billing date at the 1st?

Thank you 

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Hi @Anonymous,I recieved the below:

"That is true, currently Partner Center does not support billing date change for existing partners. As a work around, they need to on-board with a new tenants ID, on-board to PC and set a new date. Below error seems to be an on-boarding issue."

I am awaiting input from an onboarding SME to help troubleshoot. Please stay tuned.

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Hi @Anonymous, good question. I have emailed someone and will let you know what I learn.