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Downgrade office 2019 and activation


My client need to buy some office pro plus licenses

For compatibility reasons, he can only use 2016

If we sell him some 2019 license, how will he be able to download and activate 2016 using downgrade rights?



Re: Downgrade office 2019 and activation

Might be a late reply - but the answer is if you resell a volume license, e.g. via Open License, the customer can download media in VLSC.

If you sell an OEM/Retail license that includes downgrade rights (not available in all editions afaik - check the terms before) the customer can use a 2016 media & key he already owns (and where the key might be already used ) to install 2016 - if there are issues during automatic activatioon because key is used, customer might have to call the activation support hotline and mention he is doing a downgrade.

If he does not have such media & key, there is no option to order it from Microsof or the distributor (also mentioned in the downgrade terms).