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Downgrade office 2019 and activation


My client need to buy some office pro plus licenses

For compatibility reasons, he can only use 2016

If we sell him some 2019 license, how will he be able to download and activate 2016 using downgrade rights?


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please me too my client is looking for an office 2019 downgrade 2010 or less and multilingual license
its exists this option on office std 2019 and how to do it


@SALIM Same answer as above. Downgrade rights for each license are documented in the respective license agreement, only Volume Locensing customer will get access to any earlier media & key version, but Office 2010 media and MUI packages is no longer provided for anybody by Microsoft. If customer still has an Office 2010 media and key he can use this and activate again if he obtains a license with downgrade rights.

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if it still exists in open sources, thank you for indicating the ref by
what the official distributor on Algeria did not explain to me, saying that
"if Microsoft still edit services pack, if this is not the case, the
product is obsolete"


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The refernece for the downgrade rights are the licensing terms. E.g. for Office 2019 obtained via Open License, the product terms do apply:


In the Product Terms you can read (Universal Terms section) that downgrade rights are supplied without any restriction on the version - e.g. you have the right to use Office 2003 with that. However, this does not mean that Microsoft is required to supply a media or key for this old version. 


I checked again, and also to my surprise I see that for Office we even offer VL customer the old 2010 media: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/licensing/existing-customer/fulfillment?activetab=fulfillment-pivot%3aprimaryr2


If you obtain Office 2019 via retail channel, you can check the respective EULA here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/useterms

E.g. for Windows downgrade rights it is true that downgrade rights only apply to products being in mainstream support - for Office afaik not, but better check the applicable document again.


Might be a late reply - but the answer is if you resell a volume license, e.g. via Open License, the customer can download media in VLSC.

If you sell an OEM/Retail license that includes downgrade rights (not available in all editions afaik - check the terms before) the customer can use a 2016 media & key he already owns (and where the key might be already used ) to install 2016 - if there are issues during automatic activatioon because key is used, customer might have to call the activation support hotline and mention he is doing a downgrade.

If he does not have such media & key, there is no option to order it from Microsof or the distributor (also mentioned in the downgrade terms).