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CSP Indirect Provider - All or Nothing?

Hey Folks,


I am an Indirect Reseller looking to resell a single Azure Subscription that i will manage. I have no desire to manage the customer's entire environment. We are providing a monitoring service with Sentinel. I want all the billing for that subscription to come to me so i can provide a single invoice.  


The CSP Indirect Provider i am working with claims our customer cannot keep their existing environment with Microsoft or another CSP, and that they can only activate one subscription for the same tenant. I either need to transfer the whole Azure environment or create a new tenant for my managed service. It is not possible to resell a single subscription and leave everything else as is.


Seems a bit crazy, Some of my customers work with other MSPs for different services, they would not be impressed if suddenly a 3rd party provider that is not actually providing support has global admin to everything.


Is this accurate? 



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Hi, I have another question and request guidance pleases. Can two CSPs work together in providing Azure cloud to the same customer. From the response above, I believe it is possible. If so, can you pls guide how we can work together. And how do the margins / incentives get shared or available for each?


@Vijay2 : Yes, possible. Each Partner would provision their own Azure Subscription, by default each partner only has access to their own Azure subscription (plus tenant-level access if those Partner request DAP/GDAP).

Incentive/Margins are not shared, since each Partner sells their own Azure Subscription. If only one Partner sell Azure, and the other is managing a service on this, only the selling Partner would get margin/incentives.


Kind regards, Janosch
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The provider is wrong, this is perfectly possible. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/multipartner & https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/multichannel . Maybe the provider has some very special terms set up for their business model, but from commercial and technical perspective Microsoft does allow & enable this scenario.


Note, that when you only want to manage Azure, and thus your provider only needs to support Azure, you can remove delegated admin privileges on tenant level and only keep the Azure permissions for the provider and yourself (e.g. should the customer be concerned you have access to their AzureAD). Also I'd suggest to use Azure Lighthouse for managing the Azure subscription and solution, this enables a more flexible delegated management options than only the methods via Partner Center.

Kind regards, Janosch
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