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CSP Direct provider

1. What type of partner should i have to get direct provider ? (Action back orSilver or Gold)

What is mean :

2. customer support infrastructure? mean (call center and team response to clients quistions)

3. what the view infrastrucure should be? 

4. what is type of investment ? mean the cost environment in my Azure ?

5. if i have not billing and invoicing system microsft can provide me it or other company ?



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@AhmedElbdrawy you can follow this post for better understanding. 

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Hi @AhmedElbdrawy, thanks for asking. For more information about the requirements for becoming a Direct Partner vs. Indirect Reseller, please see this page. In general, Microsoft recommends enrolling as an Indirect Reseller at the beginning and then transitioning to Direct. In fact, Microsoft is not currently approving new Direct enrollments - if you are working with a MS PDM, please let me know.

This page is also helpful in explaining the Indirect partner experience.