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Adwords trademark issue ?


Hi there,

Our AdWords ads get disapproved with reason we are using text " MICROSOFT" trademark in our advertisement ads, as AdWords they did not ask us to provide anything but, ask us to contact Microsoft trademark team who'll submit a form to AdWords and allow us to use Microsoft trademark in our text ads. ! we are Microsoft partner and reseller !

Contact phone support and they gave us different department phone number, called and they gave another one and at end they said contact Microsoft community then RSC team will guide us. Please help us!





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Hi @Anonymous, thanks for reaching out. @Anonymous, is this something you can help with?

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Hello Karen,

This type of question should be addressed to the legal department.

However, please advise the partner to consult the guidelines via url: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/intellectualproperty/trademarks/en-us.aspx.

If the question falls outside the scope of the guidelines and information provided on this website, please consult your legal counsel. If you have a trademark question about an existing agreement or other business dealings with Microsoft, please contact your account manager or Microsoft business contact.

Thank you,